Council Chair Mendelson Addresses DDOT 17th St. Bike Plan

For Release: Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Contact: Nick DelleDonne ,, 703 929 6656


Council Chair Mendelson Addresses DDOT 17th St. Bike Plan,

‘Why Won’t DDOT Hold a Public Presentation?’

Neighborhood Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans Grows


“I just don’t Know,” DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson said at his monthly public session yesterday, in answer to the direct question, ‘Why won’t DDOT hold a public presentation of its 17th St, Bike Plan?’ “Absolutely it makes sense if DDOT is planning to make changes to the street, it should hold in a public forum,” Mendo said. “DDOT can do this through the ANCs.” He also said he had just become aware of the issue yesterday through some email traffic.

The last public forum where DDOT presented its Plan was at an ANC meeting in June – of last year. There have been many changes since then, including the announcement two months ago by Councilmember Brooke Pinto (Ward 2) when she announced gleefully a major breakthrough. Thus began a firestorm.

“After all these changes, not to say confusion, surely a DDOT presentation is overdue,” said DelleDonne, president of Dupont East Civic Action Association (DECAA).

“In 20 years of civic affairs, I have never seen such intransigence from the administration,” said Alexander Padro, Executive Director of Shaw Main Streets, “We need a city-wide coalition.” Padro is concerned about DDOT’s failure to engage with the churches, restaurants and residents on the 9th St. Bike Plan.


DECAA reports that the Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans, comprised of citizen and business associations and churches representing neighborhoods across the city, continues to grow with the addition yesterday of Capitol Hill East.

Media Alert: The Coalition has called Walking Tour of the 17th St. Bike Plan on Wednesday, July 14 at 11 am to meet at the corner of 17th St. and Q St. NW. There will be music. 

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