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McMillan Park Supporters Stop Demolition; Hearing to Revoke Permits Tomorrow at OAH; DCRA Intransigence Providing Information

Today, January 16, 2020, the DC Court of Appeals granted an injunction to Friends of McMillan Park stopping Mayor Bowser from demolishing McMillan Park.  The injunction is granted, "to permit the Court to consider these matters . . . and no demolition shall occur until further order of this court."

Tomorrow, the DC Office of Administrative Hearings will hear a request by members of the Save McMillan Action Coalition / DC for Reasonable Development asking the OAH to summarily revoke the demolition permits as prematurely & illegally issued by DCRA, starting at 10:15AM in Suite 450 South, 441 4th Street NW.

McMillan Park supporters are just now getting documents they have requested for months that are supposed to be public from DCRA showing how neighbors and the water reservoir near McMillan Park will be protected during the proposed 2-year removal and demolition of the 20-acre historically protected water cistern structure underneath the park.

“They are inadequate, late, and non responsive to the adverse impact on the health and well-being of McMillan Park neighbors, children, and the elderly,” said Mel Peffers, a McMillan Park neighbor, plaintiff, and air quality expert, of DCRA’s documents relied on for permit issuance.

Opponents of the demolition cite dust blowing off the site now and the possibility that the 1.3 million cubic feet of concrete used in the construction of the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant may likely have asbestos embedded in it.

Mayor Bowser has been trying to push a massive 2+million square foot luxury residential and commercial development project on top of McMillan Park since she arrived into office, ignoring the effects of an extra 20,000 vehicle trips the project will generate daily and promoting 500+ luxury condos with very little affordability, 3000 parking spaces, a recreation center, and a small green area located near DC Water’s 1st Street Tunnel project on the site.


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