Masonic Temple Development Heads to DC AppealsCourt

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On Aug 24, 2020

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Masonic Temple Development Heads to DC Appeals Court 


The Dupont East Civic Action Association (DECAA) has appealed to the DC Court of Appeals the dismissal by the DC Superior Court of the DECCA case to stop the Masonic Temple’s plan for a luxury apartment building at 15th and S Streets, NW. The appeal, Case No. 20-CV-315, was filed on August 19.    


Neighbors in the historic, diverse neighborhood of East Dupont oppose the proposed five-and-half story luxury apartment building as oversized and inappropriate in an historic district.  Among other objections, it would forever block public views of the rear of the world-renowned Temple, an early design by John Russell Pope, the architect who spurred the emblematic neo-classical style of Washington DC’s federal buildings. 


In the appeal, DECAA challenges the DC Superior Court’s dismissal of March 2, 2020, arguing that the trial court erred in concluding that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction, that DECAA had not exhausted its administrative remedies, and that the Mayor’s Agent for Historic Preservation has jurisdiction.  DECAA had also raised constitutional claims based on conflict-of-interest and due process, which the DC Appeals Court is expected to address.  


“Difficult, complex cases such as this one are often dismissed because of lack of good legal representation and DECAA is fortunate to have a legal team headed by Barry Coburn of the law firm, Coburn & Greenbaum, leading our legal effort,” said Nick DelleDonne, president of DECCA.  


A 501(c)3 neighborhood association, DECAA was initially chartered to oppose the Masonic Temple development. Dedicated to community engagement and civic action, it now pursues campaigns to house the homeless, affordable housing, the preservation of green space and pedestrian safety. 


Visit DECAA’s website and sign our petition. https:// 


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