Mayor Bowser Hears Our DDOT Complaint for Bike Plan Presentation

For Release: Thursday, July 8, 2021

Contact: Nick DelleDonne ,, 703 929 6656


Mayor Bowser Hears Our DDOT Complaint for Bike Plan Presentation


Mayor Bowser heard the community call for a public presentation of the controversial and confusing 17th St Bilke Plan proposed by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). “I will look into it,” she said in response to a direct quest to tell DDOT to hold a public presentation. Following a ribbon cutting for senior apartments in NE on July 7, Nick DelleDonne, president of Dupont East Civic Action Association (DECAA) told Mayor Bowser that Safeway had joined DECAA’s call for a public presentation, becoming the 20th merchant on the block, including TrueValue and CVS, to do so.


With Alex Pardo, Executive Director of Shaw Main Streets, DECAA is organizing a city-wide coalition to fight DDOT’s stonewalling. “In 20 years of civic life, I have never seen such intransigence from the administration,” said Padro, calling for a city-wide coalition of neighborhoods from Shaw to Burleith to fight DDOT’s intransigence. Bike lanes encourage speeding and endanger pedestrians. Merchants need parking. The city needs compliance with ADA. “Our village is unique,” said DelleDonne. 


This weekend, Councilmember Mary Cheh said a public presentation is “customary and required.” In June, DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson said, “If DDOT wants to go forward they absolutely have got to discuss what their plan is before they do it and work out the issues before they do it.”

In Shaw, Alex Padro and Allan Ebert of 9th Street Association hosted a DDOT presentation for merchants on 9th Street, Wednesday.


Here is our letter to the Mayor today:

Dear Mayor Bowser,


Thank you for stopping yesterday at the Todd A Lee ribbon cutting to hear our complaint about DDOT's refusal to publicly present its plan for bike lanes on the congested section of 17th St., NW, between P St. and Riggs Place, in East Dupont Circle. 


Confusion over the plan is widespread for both residents and businesses.  How will the safety be assured of seniors with walkers, toddlers on a rope on their way to daycare and the disabled? Among the businesses, 20  merchants, including Safeway, TrueValue and CVS, have formally joined our request for a public presentation.


We are certainly not against bike riders and increasing the use of bike. For East Dupont, this includes exploring alternative routes, bike routes on 14th, 15th and 20th Streets already exist — but DDOT will not listen. Other communities unhappy with DDOT's approach has led to a new coalition across the city, from Shaw to Burleith, that opposes DDOT’s bike-centered intransigence.


Please see that we get what is customary and required – a public presentation by DDOT of its plan for 17 St. Bike Plan   


Thank you again,


Nick DelleDonne

Dupont East Civic Action Association

703 929 6656

Bowser (small) on 17th St Plan 7-7-21 E5tqbrHXEAYr5rU (3).jpg


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