Walking Tour of DDOT 17th St. Bike Plan – Today, 17th & Q Sts., 11 am

Media Advisory

For Release: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Contact: Nick DelleDonne,  delledonne.n@comcast.net , 703 929 6656


NBC4 Reports 'Confusing' Traffic on 17th St.

DDOT Continues to Stonewall 


Rally and Walking Tour of 17th St. by Neighborhood Coalition  

Where: 17th & Q Sts., NW, When: Wed., July 14, 11 am

Guest: Reverend Graylan Scott Hagler, Plymouth Congregational

Music by Lorenz A. Wheatley


In his Tuesday evening news piece on NBC4, Mark Segraves spotlighted the controversy over DDOT's insistence on rearranging traffic on 17 th St to accommodate more bike lanes. Calling what he saw “confusing,” Segraves showed delivery trucks going the wrong way on a one-way street, truck drivers shouting, ‘There’s no place to park!’ and dangerous situations for vulnerable populations, including the elderly, the handicapped and toddlers. DDOT's written response was “bear with us,” rather than provide the requested public presentation of a complicated plan in a congested neighborhood. 


 “In 20 years of civic life, I have never seen such intransigence from the administration,” said Alexander Padro, Executive Director of Shaw Main Streets, “We need a city-wide coalition.” Padro is concerned about DDOT’s failure to engage with the churches, restaurants and residents on the 9th St. Bike Plan.   “After all these changes, not to say confusion, surely a DDOT presentation is overdue,” said DelleDonne, president of Dupont East Civic Action Association (DECAA).

Faced with DDOT's continued stonewalling, DECCA is calling a rally for Wednesday, 11 am, starting at the corner of 17th and Q Sts., NW for residents, other neighborhoods facing the same incompetence and, yes, DDOT itself to see the confusing mess this city agency has created.  Ward 2 CM Brooke Pinto is invited.

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